Sports Medicine/Lameness


We offer thorough lameness evaluation of your equine partner on the farm or at our clinic.  Lameness evaluations consist of physical examination, evaluation of the gait (in hand, on a lunge line, and/or under saddle), joint flexion, nerve/joint blocks, and diagnostic imaging.


In order to keep your horse in top condition, we offer intrasynovial (joint) injections, platelet rich plasma, acupuncture, spinal manipulation therapy (chiropractics), and systemic therapies such as Legend and Adequan.


Our  in-depth pre-purchase examinations are geared towards identification of any abnormalities currently present that might affect the future performance of the horse.  CEC will not pass nor fail a horse, rather provide the buyer with as much information as possible to aid in making an educated decision regarding the purchase and the future intended use of the horse. Pre-purchase examinations can be tailored to meet your needs; form a thorough physical to a full set of radiographs and anything else in between.

Our Services


Carolina Equine Clinic maintains trucks to provide the highest quality care on your farm.  Field services include vaccinations/preventative medicine, lameness evaluation, pre-purchase, colic treatment, dermatologic issues, field surgery (such as laceration repair and castrations), and reproductive services.

Preventative Care

Carolina Equine Clinic is dedicated to the welfare and health of your horse. Through twice-yearly preventive care visits, we aim to keep your horse healthy and happy all life stages. From weaning to retirement, we offer annual and bi-annual vaccinations, Coggins testing, dental floating, fecal egg counts and parasite management, diagnosis of sand accumulation in the colon, and physical exams.

Eye Care

Eye problems in horses should be treated as an emergency. If your horse is squinting, tearing, the eye is cloudy, or has a white spot, please contact us immediately. You should not apply eye medications without first consulting a veterinarian, as some medications may make the problem worse. Our veterinarians are experienced in eye examination and are able to place lavage systems for intensive eye treatment when necessary. 


While we hope you will never need emergency services, we understand that horses do not fall ill on schedule.  We offer after hour emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. If you require emergency assistance, please contact the main office at 910-692-8680. Your call will be answered by a staff member of a central answering service. The answering service is responsible for taking your name, number, and the nature of your emergency.


Carolina Equine Clinic offers artificial insemination, pregnancy checks, and fetal ultrasound. We also handle dystocia (difficult birth), retained placenta and other foaling emergencies. 

We refer complicated reproduction cases, embryo transfers and stallion collection to the North Carolina State University Equine Health Center in Southern Pines. 


Carolina Equine Clinic offers a range of surgical services.  Surgery may be performed standing or under anesthesia.  Procedures offered include mass removal, routine and cryptorchid castration (gelding), enucleation (eye removal), and wound revision. Colic surgeries are referred to North Carolina State University's College of Veterinary Medicine.  If your horse requires a surgical procedure, please contact us for more information.



Carolina Equine Clinic's in-house laboratory is capable of providing same-day results for complete blood counts (CBCs) and chemistry panels. This allows us to make rapid treatment decisions for our patients.


We produce platelet-rich plasma, an advanced therapy for tendon, ligament, and joint injuries.